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Don Coffin

Don Coffin


BA. Economics; MPA . Economics and Public Policy

Don has been in the money management business for over 20 years. He began his career working for educational institutions securing major gifts using advantageous financial strategies. He took this extended financial knowledge and used it to build a successful practice as a financial advisor.

Today, he focuses his attention on his clients by working hard to build solid portfolios for both growth and income. Then he actively manages his clients money making short-term tactical maneuvers to try and stay ahead of the every changing market conditions. Beyond active portfolio design and management, he blends in alternative ideas that can offer investment stability, asset & income protection, generational benefits, and more. All this is done within the framework of a grand strategy to help meet each clients unique short and long term financial goals.

Dons style leans toward the educational and collaborative. He listens to his clients, engages them in the decision making, and takes time to explain all options. Clients see him as a trusted advisor, never as salesman. He and his wife live in Cheshire, CT. They have two children. He enjoys outdoor activities, sports, history and political discourse. Outside activities have included work in leadership positions for different charitable organizations.



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